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Info-Works for Lespérance Park

The redevelopment of Lespérance Park begins this fall. The work is planned in two phases:

  • Fall 2018: parking lots, community gardens, dog park, micro-soccer fields, development of the arena court and walkways
  • Spring 2019: coulée verte, playground and wading pool

For full details, visit the Redevelopment of Lespérance Park page.

The dates indicated are approximate, as certain factors, such as weather, could affect the time required to complete the work.

We understand that work of this scope will bring with it certain inconveniences, such as increased noise and dust in the area, in addition to disruptions to your daily routine. We thank you in advance for your understanding and your patience throughout the work.


We will not close any streets during the work. Construction vehicles will access the construction site from Saint-Charles Avenue only. This is one of the streets the municipality has authorized as a truck route. The vehicles will enter the site via the existing entrance at the intersection of Mercier and Saint-Charles streets.

In this way, traffic impacts will be minimized as much as possible on residential streets.


Parking will continue to be available for people who use the recreation centre until work begins on the parking lots. We will make sure to inform you in advance before they close and recommend alternatives to you.

If you live close by, we therefore invite you to walk or bike in order to free up a few parking places. We thank you in advance for your understanding.


When the work requires it, the construction site will be safely fenced off. We will also make sure that trucks and construction vehicles travel at low speeds.

Safety for motorists

For your safety, we advise you to always use caution in the area of the worksite. We also ask you to reduce your speed.  

Safety for pedestrians

The City of Saint-Lambert will set up increased surveillance around the worksite. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage parents to talk to their children about the potential dangers associated with such major renovations and to supervise them in the area of the worksite.

Dog park

The dog park will not be accessible during the work. We invite dog owners to visit the Seaway Park dog run. Visit the Dog run page for more information.

Stay informed!

We invite you to consult this page regularly. We will post frequent updates, including photos throughout the various stages of the project, which will allow you to follow the progress of the work.


2018-09-14 | Team at work
Work began at Parc Lespérance. Already, the team is at work in the development of trails.

Work at Lespérance Park

2018-09-12 | Groundbreaking ceremony
Mayor Pierre Brodeur turned the first sod this morning at Parc Lespérance thus launching the redevelopment work. For the occasion, he was surrounded by Éric Painchaud, director of engineering, Michel Barbier, director of recreation, sports and community life, and Georges Pichet, general manager, who participate directly in the realization of this major project.

Première pelletée de terre pour le parc Lespérance

2018-09-10 | Start of work
Work on the redevelopment of Lespérance Park is slated to begin on Wednesday, September 12. For all information on this project or to follow the progress of the work, consult the Info-Works page regularly. 

We thank you for your cooperation throughout the project.